Get ready to create your future self!
Are you ready to be empowered and take the next step in transforming your career, business and life? Attend the 2017 Las Vegas Southwestern Women’s Expo and Motivational Conference being held at the Cashman Center Sept. 16-17.

Sponsored by the Las Vegas Woman Magazine, the Go.Be.You., is a place where a woman’s success is an integrated part of where she has been, who she is actively and the woman she is becoming every day. This vision will educate, inspire and lead women to discover authenticity, reconcile the past and step into their future selves today. By providing specific skills training, speaker presentations and high quality programming, the foundation provided can become each woman’s unique springboard for success.

Tracey Vlahos will take the stage to motivate, influence and encourage every woman present. There will be other speakers to inspire with ways to transform your life, health and business to create a balanced lifestyle. It’s time to think BIG and BOLD for yourself and for your business.

The conference ticket fee is $89.99 and there is limited seating. Each ticket will include the Saturday conference program, a swag bag, and a raffle ticket to win one of the beautiful table centerpieces. You will also receive free admission to the largest two-day expo for women in Las Vegas. Seating will be limited so be sure to pre-register for tickets in advance.

Go.Be.You. Women’s Motivational Conference,
Room #103 – 106 , Saturday Sept. 16th
Registration: 8:00AM – 9:00AM
Conference: 9:00AM – 3:30PM
Lunch Break: 11:30AM – 1:00PM
Go.Be.You. Motivational Conference is Powered By:
Tracey Vlahos
Redefining Women’s Self-worth!
Defining success on your terms, while creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle!
No more sacrificing the love of your family, for the love of your career or purpose. You can have it all.
Leadership Strategist, Speaker, Author, Holistic Health Practitioner

Tracey Vlahos, also known as “The Lady V”, empowers women to achieve a thriving business/career while living a stylish lifestyle and embodying personal wellness, all with a greater sense of work-life harmony.

Far too many women simply have no idea of their purpose, value, and self-worth and it breaks my heart. My goal is for you is to be successful. My Passion is to empower you to be the best version of yourself! Listen, the key to life is YOU! Invest in yourself – you are worth it!

A highly motivated mother of two, Tracey’s mission is to guide women of all walks of life in the creation and implementation of healthy, sustainable life plans, so they can live the life they desire without compromising the love of family and self.

With 20+ years of experience in high intensity corporate environments working in sales development, marketing and training, strategy development and sales field management, Tracey’s classy yet “keep it real” approach has made her a key contributor to exponential growth for several international high performing companies. Tracey is a respected leader, captivating speaker and results-driven woman known for effectively opening new global markets, defining corporate strategy, coaching teams to targeted outcomes and managing rapid growth.

Tracey is also a Board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner, promoting vitality, positivity and body confidence. She is passionate about mentoring women to manifest their best selves.

Take Back your Energy, Body and Life!
Do you put everyone and everything else first?

Most of us are juggling a day job or business, our family and more. As a women, our tendency is to say yes to everything, even when it does not serve us well.

In this highly interactive and informative session, you will learn to say No, without guilt, and how to set healthy boundaries, because self-care is NOT selfish.

Best of all, you’ll learn to make an IMPACTFUL SHIFT by discovering the harmony between all aspects of your life – and the correlation between the food, mood connection. And breaking free from the emotional eating we tend to get ourselves into as women!

Find the untapped stores of energy within you, while managing your stress AND getting better sleep! This is your time for a revolution of your life and an improved sense of well-being!

Belinda Ellsworth
15 Minutes to Change Your Day
15 Minutes to Change Your Life

Belinda Ellsworth: Author, Executive Coach, Trainer
For over 20 years, Belinda has been a sought-after keynote/corporate speaker, executive coach and leadership/sales trainer. She is known for her high-energy and amusing speaking style.

Belinda has built multiple million dollar sales organizations in the last 30 years and has helped create thousands of leaders. Her proven track record and experience makes Belinda a speaker that her audience can relate to because she has been where they are.

Belinda’s areas of expertise focus on creating a vision/goal setting, leadership/team building, overcoming objections, rising about self-doubt and communication.

She has also worked as a Consultant with many corporate companies, providing strategic analysis, planning, training and program development. Belinda loves seeing all of her clients increase their productivity and engagement of their organization. She relates well to both corporate executives/team leaders and team members/employees.

Belinda is also an international best-selling author of Direct Selling for Dummies.

Belinda lives in Michigan with her husband Chris and her daughter Olivia. She has two grown children and two grandchildren who live in the area as well.

15 Minutes to Change Your Day, 15 Minutes to Change Your Life
Have you ever looked around and wondered, what exactly makes others around you happier, more successful, healthier or wealthy?

If only you had the time to do what they do. Time is the one thing everyone wants more of, but the it’s one thing everyone has the same of. Oprah has 24 hours in a day. And guess what…so do you. So you have to ask yourself, how much time are you losing? How much of it are you wasting?
Join personal development speaker and coach, Belinda Ellsworth, in this jam packed session where she will cover:

The importance of setting goals and why most people don't

How to utilize her proven system, The Power Hour

How to take 15 minute increments of time, and power them up to change your day and your life.

Jayd Hernandez
The Essence of Femininity

Jayd Hernandez: Dating, Relationship and Intimacy Expert, Speaker
Jayd Hernandez is a Relationship Intimacy Expert who specializes in bridging the communication gaps between male and female dynamics. Her expertise is derived from her own personal experiences working in the adult industry for over 10 years as a Model and Escort who mindfully transformed her life from existing in the shambles of abuse to living with loving integrity. Her focus is to connect you to the deepest parts of your natural, feminine essence, exploring root issues surrounding men, sex, trust and intimacy with a holistic approach leading you back to full acceptance, loaded self-worth and overflowing connection.

Intimacy is the process of revealing who you are in a space that is safe and accepting. We’ll be opening a platform for women to explore their dating and intimacy concerns, insecurities, frustrations, secrets and past shame. Nothing is too taboo or off limits to discuss as Jayd uncovers the misguided beliefs and blocks that prevent us from authentically showing up, connecting with our partners, or attracting the relationship we want.

The Essence of Feminity
Jayd knows all about intuitive relationships, feminine magnetism, ending shame and connecting to the power of relationship with ourselves.

She’s worked with both men and women and coaches clients in Phoenix, Arizona where she lives with her husband and step-son.

Re-ignite intense attraction and sexual desire in your marriage, relationship and sex life.

Release shame, guilt, past pain and limiting beliefs to design a life of pure authenticity.

Become mindfully magnetic and embody the true values of desirability.

Focus not just on finding ‘the one’, but on finding yourself and the feminine aspects of your soul too.

Heather Wagenhals
Clearing the Path for Success

Heather Wagenhals: Author, Radio Host, Thought Leader
Heather Wagenhals is an adjunct professor, distinguished speaker, best-selling author/columnist, radio host and thought leader offering biology-based tools for success across several disciplines to the public and through employer-sponsored benefits programs. Delivered in workshops, radio and TV programs, books, and online educational delivery methods Heather addresses financial literacy, identity theft, goal setting, time management, avoiding success sabotage, networking, and persuasive selling skills. Heather enjoys helping people learn to address life’s challenges in a whole new way. “It is awesome to watch the process of profound personal change take place!” she says enthusiastically. People should talk to Heather about their interests as she is always curious about what drives people to achieve

Clearing the Path for Success
Clearing the Path for Success provides you the tools and techniques to ensure your success at any given endeavor.

You have attended the workshops, read the books, listened to the tapes, and yet if you're like most, success is marginal or seems slightly beyond your grasp. In this mini-workshop we discuss the elements of success, help identify your specific barriers to success, and share simple techniques to wrestle the ``inner chaos`` into ``confident control.`` Kick your mental clutter to the curb for good and put your new skills to work with Heather Wagenhals, best-selling author, radio host, and internationally recognized Biology-based Success Strategist.

Kanesha Morrison
Step into Your Power

Kanesha Morrison: Motivational Speaker, Author, Wife and Mother of 5.
After facing some of the worse days of her life, living with roaches and not having enough gas to get to her pregnancy appointments, Kanesha was determined to change her life. After taking a leap of faith and investing all she had she built a strong business and achieved top rank of an International Cosmetic’s Company. Through her experience, she was determined to show others how to step into their own power and find their own purpose and way. Kanesha is author of the 5 shifts to make it in your network marketing business. Just when she thought she made it and had it all figured out, life through her a curve ball and she delivered a sleeping baby girl at 36 weeks pregnant. Now, she lives her days teaching and showing women how they can overcome ANYTHING!

Step into Your Power
One of the most important things you can ever learn is how to step into your power.

How do you step into your power?  By letting go of the need to have your life a certain way.  Did you catch that?  It is the need to have, be, or do something that holds us back and keeps us out of our own power.  Oftentimes we don’t trust our feelings, our emotions. and we don’t act from that place of feeling/knowing within us. We let our brains decide what to do,  rather than our heart. Its time to change that and create your future self.

Plant the seeds of your desires.

Let go of the need to control the process

Let go of the need to have it in a certain way.

Let go of the illusion that what we see is real.

Go. Be. You. Conference
The Key to Life is You
Your Life Matters …. Stop apologizing for who you are. You are Enough.

The world needs what you got. …There is nobody better than YOU to do what you want to do, than YOU! Got it?!

Be confidently you…Be confident in the woman you are, Period! Whether that is a mom, wife, business owner... Or a combination!

Don’t stop believing….

Our vision for Go.Be.You. is a world where women and her success are an essential sense of who she is.   Where she has been, who is she today and who is she becoming.

Our mission is to achieve this vision through education by leading women to discover their authentic self, reconcile the past and allow her to step into her future with ease.  These specific skills become her unique spring broad for her success internally and externally.